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“We believe in dare to Dream”

While academic excellence and imparting values will be given priority, we will work towards the all round development of each child’s personality so that he/she becomes competent, confident and capable of leading a meaningful and satisfying life.

Upholding human person as the image of God, the Institute strives for:-

  • Imparting quality education to all, especially to the poor and the marginalized,
  • Leading to integral formation of persons,
  • Promoting religious harmony and concord,
  • Inculcating in students a deep faith in God,
  • Preparing men and women for others,
  • Establishing a society wherein prevail truth, justice, freedom, love and peace.

"Upholding human person as the image of God" means:

  • Each human person is created in dignity, freedom and equality to share God's life, love goodness, wisdom, beauty and His infinite happiness.
  • Each human person is unique, precious and to be respected.
  • Each human person is full of potentialities to be realized.
  • Each person grows in a human community with its social and cultural environment having rights and duties in love and service towards one another to make a better world.